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$AAD is a mobile money service that was launched in Somaliland in 2009 by mobile operator, Telesom. In 2018, roughly one quarter of the nation’s population were using it. Today mobile money is key in Somaliland as few commercial banks really operate there and transporting physical cash over rough roads is time-consuming. $AAD enables all kinds of money payment transactions, including transfer, purchases, fee payment, salary/wages payment and cash storage.

The service is highly secure and has different security layers. Users can access their accounts with security pin number, and they can send money to anywhere in the world, 24/7.

With a $AAD mobile money account you can:

  • Send/receive money to or from family and friends
  • Make cash deposits
  • Store money – though there is a limit of $5,000
  • Pay bills
  • Pay for good
  • Make payroll payments
  • Send international money


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Translating brand language into a visual Stylescape — a carefully collected combination of images, icons, typography, and colors to communicate a certain look and feel helping the client envision the final look and feel of their brand. 

Style guide

Creating a account walkthrough prototype
Creating a account walkthrough

Account balance and transactions
Mobile screen mockups
Mobile screen mockup
Mobile screen mockup
Mobile screen mockup
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