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TITAN Mixer Bottle

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TITAN Mixer Bottle
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The world's first mixer bottle that doesn't require shaking or batteries to mix supplements — a multi-use bottle that can also be used in the kitchen to mix:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Pancake batter
  • Eggs/omelets
  • Yogurt smoothies
  • Salad dressings, lemonade

Simply by giving the handle a few easy pumps to effortlessly and efficiently blend even the most stubborn of ingredients. No shaking, no clumps, no mess.

After successfully launching on Kickstarter in May of 2015 and reaching funding goal in just ten days and shipping bottles to 55 different countries around the globe –– worked with the founders to build an eCommerce presence with a focus on the bottle, highlighting the features and benefits and showing why it's better than other bottles in the market.



Translating brand language into a visual Stylescape — a carefully collected combination of images, icons, typography, and colors to communicate a certain look and feel helping the client envision the final look and feel of their brand. 

TITAN Breadboard

Logo exploration sketches

TITAN Site Map

Desktop wireframes
Desktop wireframes

Mobile wireframes
Mobile wireframes

Mobile screen mockups

TITAN Homepage
TITAN Exploded view
TITAN Product detail page
TITAN How it works
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